Frequently asked questions

What is included in the retreat?

You can chack exactly what is included in the retreat by heading over to 'The Winter Retreat' page on the website. You can also take a look at 'Before you fly' in the footer of the website that will also give you more information.

How do I book?

Booking is really simple. If you head over to the 'Booking' page you can see exactly what suites and rooms we have and decide which is best for you. Once you have decided then you just complete the booking form at the bottom of the 'Booking' page and someone will call you back with availability and answer any questions you may have. We then send you a secure payment link via email, just pay and recieve your confirmation, simple!

I cannot go anymore, what can I do?

If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer travel, don't worry we know these things happen, just contact us for more infromation.

Can I go on my own?

Of course! A single room supplement is available, please ask for more details. We recommed the quad or the bunk rooms for those travelling on their own as they are the more social rooms and suites. By the time you leave you will have a whole villa full of friends including everyone on our team! We will make you feel as comfortable and involved as you would like us too.

Do I have to participate in everything?

Nope, this is your retreat so if you decide you want a day by the pool or in bed or even just to go off and do your own thing, then you do it. All the included activities are included but optional, however we do not refund any part of the activities that you do not take part in or fund any excursions or trips outside of our schedules. If you have paid for any additional activities eternal to the retreat we are not responsible for these being refunded should you be unable to attend. Please ensure you check external ticket terms and conditions before booking.

Do I have to be fit to do this retreat?

We will ask you to complete a health and fitness declaration before you arrive but we appreciate everyone will be at different fitness levels so don't worry. Our personal trainer and fitness instructor will be more than happy to advise or offer alternative exercises in classes should you feel it is out of your ability.

Do I have to be social?

We recommend this retreat to people that don't mind being round others. There are only females on the retreat including everyone on the team. The villa is absolutely huge so you will never feel on top of each other, however, when you do go to sleep at night you will be sharing with others so we ask everyone to be polite and considerate when sharing rooms. If you have any issues we will be glad to help and find a solution.

Are there strict meal times?

Our private chefs will be serving food at specific times of the day as sometimes will be booked in in advance or be helping with daily activities. If you cannot make these times that is not a problem as there is a fully equipped kitchen and food available to prepare your own meals. Any dietary requirements will be known in advance and we will always let you know what will be served in advance so if you dont like something we can customise the meals to suit.

I have a dietary requirement, is that a problem?

Not at all, we will do our best to suit your needs so just let us know in advance.

Can I go and do my own thing?

We always recommend you go out in groups and never alone but understand you are adults and can make your own decisions so it is up to you. If you do decided to go out and our team are not busy with actvitites we can drop you to the city. If you decide to miss any activities, meals or included options then these will not be refunded in any way.

How many others will be on the retreat?

This retreat only takes a maximum of 12 paying guests so it could be anything up to that number plus 4 staff.

What do I bring with me?

If you are going to ski or have professional equipment for any of the actvities you can bring your own. The activities will include their own equipment and you can hire ski equipment from the ski resort at your own cost. Please ensure you book any equipment and pay for it with the airline before travel, also advise your transfer provider as they may need a larger vehicle.

How safe is the area and villa?

Granada is a very historical and busy city but also known to be safe but we will always advise you to be alert an travel in groups and never alone anywhere you go. The villa has a top of the range security system fitted and no guests will be allowed at the villa other than those on the retreat. You are responsible for your safety however we are only a call away. Our local rep speaks fluent Spanish and can help us with anything needed throughout your stay.

Is there a doctors and hospital nearby?

There is a local doctors office in La Zubia which has a small emergency unit. The address is: Centro Salud La Zubia Cuesta Corvales, 5, 18140
La Zubia, Granada The nearest hospital is around 15 minutes from the villa by car and is located by the large Nevada shopping center. The address is: Hospital Parque Tecnológico de la Salud. (PTS) Avenida. de la Investigación 2,

Where can I store my valuables?

Each suite has a lockable drawer with a key that you are responsible for. The villa has a top of the range security system and no outside guests are permitted on the retreat grounds. We are not responsible for any lost items inside or outside of the villa so would recommend keeping valuable items locked away or in a safe area at all times.

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