Jamie Kern- Head Trainer

Jamie is one of our retreat Personal Trainers and has been an instructor for physical training in the Royal Navy for 9 years.  He has worked with over 10,000 trainees preparing them for military life, testing their robustness and suitability for the Royal Navy. With an extensive list of qualifications in fitness, fitness activities, nutrition, mountain biking and mountain leading we are positive Jamie can help you with all your fitness goals on your retreat.

What will Jamie be doing on the retreat?

Personal Training - Fitness classes & Activities - Hiking Guide - Mountain Bike Guide

Liam Bennett - Personal Trainer

Liam is one of two Personal Trainers on our retreat and was a Physical Instructor in the Royal Marines for around 9 years.  Liam is a fully trained member of the Royal Marines and Royal Navy in Adventurous Training Activities as well as previously being an Adventure Training Instructor in Germany.  Liam's qualifications include Mountain Leader Training, Mountain biking, Kletterstieg, rock climbing, nutrition and coaching, health and safety, first aid and he is also a qualified ski instructor.

What will Liam be doing on the retreat?

Personal Training - Fitness classes and Activities - Ski Instructor - Adventure Activity Instructor - First Aider - Nutritionist and coach

Arthur Davey - Videographer

Arthur is the official videographer for our retreats and works alongside our company 'Unique Luxury Stays' on a variety of projects.  Arthur has his own videography business and as well as working with us also works with a range of  well known brands such as Persici Bay and Gym Plus Coffee.  Arthur is also a fully qualified and experienced ski instructor and has trained not only with us at Sierra Nevada but also in Courchevel, France as well as Italy, Scotland and Spain.


What will Arthur be doing on the retreat?

Videographer - Qualified Ski Instructor 


Rebecca Harding

Rebecca is our retreat photographer and works alongside her husband, Arthur, putting together unique and creative content for us for our retreats.  Rebecca has years of experience and has always been a keen photographer, which stemmed from her love to travel and explore.  As well as our photographer Rebecca is also a qualified nurse, intermediate skier and an advanced hiker.  With Rebecca's love for fitness, especially CrossFit, she is usually found out in on of the villa's gym areas!

What will Rebecca be doing on the retreat?

Photography - First Aider - Hiking Guide

Steel Johnson - The Magic Marine

A Royal Marines Commando turned illusionist, Steel has carried over the standards and values ingrained in him, into his Magic business. Determination and professionalism are traits that have accelerated Steel to the circles in which he now works. Steel performs for high-end corporate companies, celebrities and even Royalty! With a keen interest in Snowboarding he is the perfect addition to our winter retreats team.

What will Steel be doing on the retreat?

Magician and Entertainment

Cheryl Catland - Private Chef

Cheryl is our official retreat chef and has years of experience in cooking for groups and at the villa itself.  Cheryl is a fantastic chef and runs 'Forkin' Good Food' by Cheryl Catland - providing services for functions and celebs.  With years of experience and always providing exciting and new meal ideas as well as making amazing cocktails, we know you will just love every meal she creates!

What will Cheryl be doing on the retreat?

Meal preparation - Nutrition 

Emma Louise - Organiser

Emma is the retreat organiser for all of Unique Luxury Retreats Granada and the manager of Silverfield Villa.  As well as running the retreats she also owns her own luxury travel company, Unique Luxury Stays, where the villa is featured.  Emma has a talent for networking and bringing people together and with years of experience in customer care she is great at connecting the group and making everyone feel at home. Emma knows the villa inside out and has been there on many occasions putting together videos, gathering content and taking celebrities over to the villa for retreat promotional content.

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