Why did we pick Persici Bay?

With our retreats and the villa itself being fitness-focused we wanted to partner with a strong new brand that would reflect luxury, a fresh and unique look as well outstanding customer service, Persici was the perfect fit for us! Offering all our retreats guests an exclusive offer of 15% using code ULS15 it means you can stock up on fitness wear for your retreats looking glam at the same time!  Everything from the luxury boxes and branded tissue packaging your gorgeous items make this brand special from the second you get your delivery, we are hooked and are positive you will be too! Guests at the retreats will also receive some freebie goodies on arrival!

The Brand

Persici Bay is a new premium women's activewear fashion brand headquartered in the UK. Persici Bay creates durable and luxurious activewear to have you working out in comfort and in style.


‘Persici’ [pur-see-chee] comes from the Latin word meaning ‘Peach’, yep, you bet it's all about the Booty! ‘Bay’ denotes the community platform to which you belong to when you join ‘Team Persici Bay’. 


Their Mission

From countless sizing, quality and performance frustrations with activewear currently available on the market, their mission is simple, design and produce premium activewear which is durable, on trend and high performing. All of their garments are designed in-house, with each piece designed to be form-fitting to sculpt and enhance the female physique. Rigorous testing has been carried out on fabric technology to ensure durability and longevity of all the garments. Product quality is of huge importance to Persici Bay, their key focus is continual improvement of fabrics and design. 

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